Short Story: Clippers Be Damned Essay

You have just learned that you are a keeper, and you will soon be receiving your first clippers, and cutting lessons. A clipper is something of a necessity in order to trim eyebrows, put in straight lines, make your eyebrows less bushy, and generally improve your looks. It is also somewhat of an art. But not exactly. The first steps usually involve the master plucking of your eyebrows so that they are the desired shape. If you want to know how to cut a man’s hair, this is the basic step.

If you cannot believe this story about a plumper, well, let me jog your memory. I was recently at an armpit sweat shop, which is what it is called, and this plumber with his huge arm and big hands came over to us. He had on these big work boots, and he was dressed in rags. He came to ask me if I would like clippers. I was all for it, because there is nothing worse than someone who does not know how to use a clipper, and I was ready to teach this plumber a thing or two.

My first instruction to him was to pull my eyebrows back. I had given a picture of myself earlier that day, and he knew that I was a keeper. I had not yet shaved my eyebrows. The thought of having to pull them back to the original position every couple of weeks probably did not appeal to him.

Anyway, he asked me if I would like to try a waffle iron, as he put his arm around me and guided the hair straight down to the base of my neck. He began by applying pressure with his fingers and then used his arm to guide the hair down to where he wanted the beaded clip to be. I applied the same pressure and noticed immediately how much more control and accuracy he had with the clippers. He removed them after a few short moments and placed them back on the guard at the top of my head. He handed me the clippers and told me they were so much better than the ones he had been using.

I inspected the clippers and found that they were made of a piece of stainless steel with a clip on the top. He explained that the design of the clips kept the hair from flying away when he moved the arm along the hair line. He said that he usually wore a one-piece suit, and the clips on the wahl clippers allowed him to wear the suit without removing it.

Be damned, the Clippers Are at It Again!

I tried out the clippers, and I must say, I was impressed. The arm movement is very light, and the hair dryer seems to work perfectly. The as tribunes design allows for a quick transition from one motion to another. The only thing I would like to change about this vacuum cleaner and the clippers is the amount of hair that comes off when using it.

Out of all the vacuum cleaners I have owned, the as tribunes dryer really stand out. It makes short work of keeping short hair from flying away. I do not use a brush to dry my hair either, which is kind of awkward since the brush would get stuck in the arm. My hairdresser uses the dryer just about every day. She likes to use it because it does an excellent job of getting the hair cuticle to the desired length.

Since the power cords are recessed into the side of the beveled are, there is no danger of them getting tangled up in the hair dryer itself. This is a definite plus since I have been able to avoid this problem. If you purchase a cordless hair dryer, be sure to always unplug it before drying your hair. You should also read the instructions carefully before and after use to make sure you are following all the necessary precautions.