Shut the Floodgates in My Mind Essay

Shut the floodgates of my mind

Please shut the floodgates in my mind, I need to sleep I need to find, some peace and quiet in my mind.

I toss I turn, I ache I yearn for peace to come, for me to learn, to close my mind, relax and breathe it seems so easy for others please!

I need to sleep the day’s been long, if I could learn to just stay calm, my mind might close, I may drift away and finally wake to a brand new day.

But it’s too hard, my minds awake and tells my brain sleeps real not fake, so if I can’t pretend to sleep, then what’s the point in thinking deep,about this dilema that I have, I might as well give up right now.

But this is not the answer I need, I want to sleep, I need to please, so shut the floodgates in my mind, I need to find some peace that’s mine.


This morning my head’s all over the place so I’m telling you now, today I cant face.

Don’t judge me, don’t hate me, I’ll keep out of your way, I’ll stay in my room and send it away.

It can come back tomorow, I may be fine.My head may be back, I’ll give you a sign.

Up bright and early, a smile on my face,I’ll even cook breakfast if that’s what it takes.

But today I’m not good, the world I can’t face, so please will you leave me and stay off of my case.

I know that you love me and want me ok, but this world that I’m in won’t allow it today.

So do your own thing and I’ll be fine, like I said I will give you a sign.

My world

What are you reasons for being sad, you know you’re lucky you’re not mad.

If only you knew the things that I face, then all your sadness would gradually fade.

You would realize you had it all, peace of mind and shots to call. You should be happy, the things I’d trade to cure my mind of this sad sorry state.

My minds a world I don’t understand, it sometimes scares me, how does that sound?

Fancy trading my world for one day? I’d give you ten minutes before you’d say, my God what’s going on in that crazy world, how do you survive? how do you breathe?

Well I’ll give you my secret to me that world’s real.

Now do you understand how lucky you are, to have a sane mind and to always be sure.Without living a lie and always assume,hoping against hope they’ll find a cure.

So don’t be sad you have it all, a healthy mind to call your own.