Love-The Rhythm of Life Essay


There are many shades of love. Each hue, is a variation of the love that is naturally inherent in all beings. Pure unconditional love that is tinted by perception and experience. In its original form, unconditional love can be found deep within. In its purest form this love needs no acknowledgement or attachments. It does not discriminate. It never demands. It has no conditions and includes but is not limited to kindness, compassion, respect and care.

Romantic love may no longer exist in a relationship, but there can exist between couples when the romance is over, the unconditional love that lies within. That which connects us to all things.

The Rhythm of Life

There are heart beats in the rhythm of life

Each unique in their melodic beat

Like a symphony of light and sound

There is beauty when they meet

Like a sunset on the horizon

Like the birth of a brand new day

In the cycle of the rhythm of life

Beautiful music will always play