The Girl Who Would Be Queen Essay

The toll for a woman is high
She scrapes the ground, but ne’r the sky
and always she is wond’ring why
the world is so unfair.

The time would come, once she had need,
When boys would start to pay her heed,
and she’d pretend their every deed,
was something keen and rare.

Then as her breasts began to bud,
emotions coursing like a flood
for womanhood is bound in blood
… a suitor wins her hand.

But as she gives her throne away
and lets go of her yesterdays
In light of all that had decayed
… She doffs a wedding band.

And though this is a forlorn tale
of hopes that die and dreams that fail
for all those who are still not male
I urge you to be seen!

Because your heart is torn in two
And no one knows what you’ve been through
You must go back and find in you
The girl who would be queen.