Essay About Bank of America Foreclosures

If you’re looking for Bank of America foreclosures, you’ve come to the right place. This article will tell you how to find Bank of America foreclosures and provide some tips to help you determine which properties to buy and which ones to avoid.

Finding Bank of America Foreclosures

The easiest way to find real estate that is owned by Bank of America is to search for it on their website’s property search page.  You must fill out either the zip code or the state field in order to search.  It won’t let you leave the form blank to see all of the properties at once.

You can also find Bank of America foreclosures, or any foreclosures for that matter, by contacting a local real estate agent.  Most bank foreclosures are listed with agents just like any other properties.  If you can find out which agent lists foreclosures for Bank of America in your area, perhaps you can get them to contact you when new properties are listed.

Things to Watch Out for When Buying Bank of America Foreclosures

There are some properties listed on the Bank of America website that are priced extremely low, even as low as $5000-$8000.  You should be extra cautious when buying properties with prices that seem too good to be true.  In many cases, you will find that these houses are located in neighborhoods where property values are low due to crime rates.  This type of property can be a real headache for an investor if you don’t know how to protect it from thieves and vandals.

You should make sure you inspect the property thoroughly before buying it, regardless of the price.  Foreclosed homes are often neglected by banks and may be in need of repairs, sometimes even serious ones.

Tips for Purchasing Bank of America Foreclosures

When you buy a bank foreclosure, you may have to jump through some extra hoops than you would go through buying a home from an individual.  Many banks have a minimum earnest money requirement that must be met before your offer will even be considered.  Be sure to ask your real estate agent to find out what the requirements are so you don’t end up wasting time making an offer that is just going to be rejected.

Another thing to remember is that bank foreclosures are almost always sold “as is.”  If you ask for repairs to be done, your offer is likely to be rejected.  The bank doesn’t want to have to mess with the property; they just want to get rid of it.  Take the cost of repairs into consideration when deciding how much to offer for the property, and plan on paying for the work yourself after closing.