Innovative Tool to Architecture Essay

Concrete may not seem like a likely tool to be used in today’s architectural designs. It may seem like a cold, harsh, and even cumbersome approach to executing a design.

However, the dream of any architect is to not only deliver on execution of their design, but it is to revolutionize an idea and make it as unique and mind-blowing as possible. No one architect wants to hear the words: “That looks cool.” as the final say to their creativity. Pushing past the limits, and creating innovative structures is what mankind’s accomplishments are all about.

What makes concrete so innovative?

Without a bunch of boring, and random facts, in a long list of blanket knowledge, we’ll instead embark on a journey of architectural wonders, and arrive at the conclusion of why concrete is so innovative:

You walk onto a sleek driveway that appears to be almost like foggy glass at first glance. However, as you cruise to a stop, and open your car door, you find you’re delightfully greeted my a smooth, yet rustic surface. The rustic aspects catch you by surprise as you ponder over how smoothly your tires traversed over the seemingly rough terrain. The comfort of your stroll to the front door confirms that this is not your typical cobblestone pavement, or some other generic workings. Instead, you find that this creative wonder is concrete.

The use of exposed aggregate and polished concrete are becoming a piece of art in the driveways of many. The trustworthiness of the long lasting materials, as well as the contribution to the facelifts it can easily devote to aged or modern homes, is lending a classic appearance to home exteriors worldwide.

Concrete’s natural ability to appear to be other resources gives it a chameleon persona that no other resource can fabricate. To the eye, it can be highlighted as something far more extravagant than it’s price tag reveals.

Secondary to it’s several aesthetic appeals, is concrete’s flexibility for different designs. No homeowner, architect, or even landscaper likes to be left with no room for original design. When the inspiration to create a new design takes over, concrete is the most solid way, (pun intended) to accomplish the goal.

Imagine having a product similar to clay, being able to be molded into the design that you envision. With the correct concrete mixer, perfect water to cement ratios, and some imagination for design, concrete can show itself to be the greatest design canvas of all time. Check out some phenomenal ideas:
The gorgeous bright and rugged design makes for great curb appeal for the home!

This whimsical and unique pattern was executed with 6 inch deep slabs of concrete stone.

Creative designs like this contribute quite well to the value of the home!

The third most conquering feat of gorgeous concrete, is it’s room for originality and style. Like the latter picture above, when there is opportunity for creativity, the potential that concrete can have is endless. Concrete allows for stains and colors that can make for a more vibrant and glossy result. The use of identical or similar colors to the home makes for a bold statement as well.

Another great accomplishment of concrete, is it’s longevity. Driveways like the ones seen above are one of the most often uses of concrete, being that the average person leaves their home daily. Not factoring in children playing, or weathers affects on concrete. Because of that, the idea that concrete can last decades is not far from the truth at all.

Lastly, cost efficiency is always on anyone’s mind when it comes to investments. Being that concrete is the most customizable out of all other choices, such as tile, carpet, vinyl, linoleum, wood or marble, the cost will depend much on that. Concrete, though, is without a doubt the most cost efficient, unique, innovative, and inexpensive choice to make any driveway, home, or building stand the test of time!

Read on to find out why this is true!