5 Great Ways to Make Money On the Internet Essay

Many people want to make money on-line because it is very convenient to work at home or anywhere where you have Internet access, this type of work allows everyone the possibility to get clients, sell almost anything and earn money without been limited by an office or physical location.

There are many ways people can earn money on the Internet, some of these need you to be present for a short period of time and follow a flexible schedule, others can be done any time you want and don’t follow any particular rules, both ways can be very profitable and can give you the financial freedom that your current job can’t provide.

That’s why if you want to earn money on your own and have the chance to be your own boss you should try one of these options, they can be the first step to a successful career, here are the of the best 5 options for you to make money on the Internet:


Having a blog can make you a lot of money just by writing every single week, it requires very little effort to create a blog, the only things you need to get started is a website, a content management software like WordPress and working computer with a few text-based programs to write down your articles and store all of your information.

By blogging you can generate passive income and earn money every week, the only downside is that this method takes time to generate good revenue, if you want to be successful blogging you must first build an audience that is interested in your writing and visit your site often, you can achieve this by promoting your blog in your social media accounts, your email signature and using search ranking optimization.

Once you have a good amount of traffic to your site the next step is to monetize the blog, you can do this using affiliated marketing programs, selling products or services directly to your viewers, placing ads from Google AdSense or by selling ad spaces to companies who work in your specific niche.

Here are a few tips that can help you get started in blogging:

  • Analyze your target audience and create a content plan.
  • Write articles and publish them every week.
  • Promote your blog in every major social media platform.
  • Engage with your viewers and answer their questions.

2. Podcasting

This method of making money is becoming very popular and it been adopted by content creators who prefer to publish their opinions or thoughts using live audio streaming, much like in a radio show, this format is great for people who want to listen other people talk and share their views or experience about certain topics.

The objective of the podcast is to attract the attention of the people and make them interested in a particular subject, you also have to decide the topic of conversation, the duration of the show and any other aspect you consider important to the show, the topics related to the podcast can be almost about anything and there is no limit to the amount of content you can provide to your audience.

Anyone can start podcasting, the only thing they need to get is the basic equipment which includes:

  • A good laptop or a desktop computer.
  • A decent microphone.
  • Speakers and a set of headphones.
  • An audio recording software.

After you get the equipment you need, the last step is to buy a hosting service for your podcast, this will allow you to store all of your podcast shows, share them with your audience and anyone interested in your content, once you set up everything you can begin your podcast, just make sure to promote it and tell everybody about it before you start the show

3. Twitch Streaming

This is the most entertaining way for people to make money on the Internet, all you need to do is play video games during long periods of time in front of many people and make them interested in your content, these people will then become your viewers and support both you and your streaming channel by subscribing or making donations, the more subscribers and donations you have the more money you are going to make.

The best thing about streaming on Twitch is that you can do it for 2 or more hours every single day, you can earn money by just playing video games like any other person would in their free time, the only difference is that you are streaming your live gameplay to the people on the Internet and you will be talking to everybody who comes to your channel using the Twitch chat.

Before you can start streaming you need to place your setup properly, here are the things you will need to begin streaming:

  • A good computer with a high-end graphics card.
  • A PC microphone and a headset.
  • Have a registered twitch account in place.
  • Have a broadcasting software like OBS.

4. Online Store

This is one of the most conventional ways of making money online, people always need to buy products or services to satisfy their needs, which means that this type of business will always be on demand and it can be implemented successfully in anywhere in of world.

If you ever wanted to own a store but don’t have the money to rent a property and get all of the equipment need, you should definitely make your own online store, it is very easy and you don’t need many things in order to get started.

Here are the basic components you need to create your own online store:

  • A working website with a good domain name.
  • An e-store software to manage all the payments and requests.
  • Create a social media account in every major social network site.

With this type of business you must advertise and promote your product or service in every way possible, this can be done across multiple platforms like Google AdWords, traditional marketing and social media, the more people know about your product, the more likely they are to buy from you.

5. Freelancing

This can be a good option for you if you have a lot of work experience, have many professional certifications or have a very high level of education, freelancing can allow you to enjoy from a better work schedule, earn a lot of money and give you more freedom than any of your previous jobs, the only things you need are a well-made resume and a good portfolio with the most important projects you had worked before.

After you have everything you can start to pitch your services to different companies and businesses that work in the same area you are working right now, you can also offer your services to professionals any individual interested in your work, all you need is to reach them using your phone or you can send an email with your proposal to the human resources department or anyone in charge of the hiring process.

Once you have given your proposal to the right people you must wait for a response, the important thing is not to be disappointed because of a few rejections, you need to keep pitching your services diligently for at least a month before you get a positive response and get your first clients.