Top 10 Reasons to Learn Korean Essay

“Learn a new language, It will make your life more interesting.”

I have tried studying and learning multiple languages in the past; but, sadly, I failed. Looking back, I realized that I didn’t have much motivation then. I just happened to see a book, movie or a dictionary showing another interesting language, and viola! I jumped right in trying to learn it.

But now, few years and three languages later, I have decided to seriously learn Korean. I really want to achieve this goal that is why I am listing my reasons on why I should learn the language. The reasons maybe cheesy but oh well ^_^

Here’s my top 10 reasons for learning Korean:

What are your reasons?

#1 Understand Ailee when she belts out a phrase in high C.

For most people, getting into Kpop was the first step. I know we all got our favorite Korean singers or bands. So the next time, they sing their trademark songs, you will not have to wait for subs and translations as you already know what they mean.

#2 Read “Please Look After Mom” as Kyung-sook Shin wrote it.

This book has a special place in my heart. It was heart-warming and gut-wrenching at the same. I want to read it again in it’s original language to fully grasp how marvelous it is. And, of course, to cry again.

#3 Order in Korean with confidence at an authentic Korean restaurant.

Oh yeah!! I want to eat at lot of things Korean (beef, street food, snacks, side dishes). So I need to learn correct Korean so that I will not just be pointing things out in the menu but also confidently say what my order is and give the chef my thanks for the awesome meal. πŸ™‚

#4 Study the poetry in the land where Ko Un is born.

I have heard so much about Ko Un, his works, and that he is on the line for being the next Nobel Prize winner. I do hope he bags the award soon. Personally, I would want to read and understand his poems so that I could gain more understanding to the Korean culture.

If you have decided to self-study the Korean language, what kind of language learning book would you like to learn from?

  • Best Korean Language Book Review Guide
    We all have our personal preferences on what makes a good language learning book to study from, but now that you are in a situation to seriously study Korean, you want the absolute best language book possible, and so we’re here to help.

#5 Improve your cultural understanding and communications.

This is so true. Some people may just learn a language for a fleeting reason like being on a business trip or visiting the country for leisure. However, the experience will be truly rewarding when one incorporates his/her minimal learning to understanding the country and its people as a whole.

#6 Research your family roots and interpret old documents.

As I have learned, most Korean families have a family registry where each person born is listed. I do not know how this works specifically. However, if you are a Korean immigrant or adoptee, learning the language will be very helpful if you plan on tracing your own roots. Even if you do not have Korean roots, you can still go on researching certain Korean historical figures. It will be like an archaelogist, or even a historian. That would be pretty cool to me.

#7 Stop relying on subtitles when watching Korean-language movies or TV shows.

Some may call it trivial but this is one of the reasons why I am learning the language. I always feel that there will always be something lost in translation when it comes to movies and shows or even interviews. I want to be able to fully grasp the language and the people speaking them. So this is really a motivation for me.

#8 Converse with your Korean-born grandparents or parents-in-law.

Aside from researching ones roots, one would also benefit in learning the language when situation arises that you have to speak to Korean elders who have almost always never learned another language. It would be great to be able to speak to ones Korean-born grandparents if you have found or met them after a long time. Also, for those on the road to marry Koreans, it will be easier and more beneficial to speaking the language especially when communicating with the in-laws.

#9 Choose the right size at the F21 boutique in Seoul without guessing.

Seoul is a shopping haven littered with boutiques, stores, specialty and even luxury brand shops all around. Getting the hang with your Korean will definitely help when buying clothes or souvenirs. And who would want to buy an ill-fitting dress when you could have bought the correct one with just being able to speak the right word for your size in Korean. πŸ™‚

# 10 Get directions in Korean on your next visit to Seoul.

Oh yes, you do not want to get lost in this city. Even though you have nothing to worry about getting lost since everyone will be glad to help you around. That’s the great thing. And to further aid you in your city tour journey, it is best to have an understanding and grasp to the direction-giving Korean vocabulary. Trust me, you do not want to walking around the same one to three blocks when you could have already visited every other place you want in Seoul or it’s other cities.