A Totally Fictitious Story filled with Totally Fictitious Characters (Maybe) Essay

I begin by saying

Most of what you will read here is available somewhere or another on the Internet. Most, but not all; some is just my imagination running amok once more. Some of the hypothesis, the accusations, and the supposed “expert” analysis are out there though. Others have thought them, have studied and/or proven them, or just plain ol’ declared them.

I think you will know which portions are pure fiction, authored by me as a part of the story. At least, I hope you can.

Ciao bello and bella!


Even today, four years later, we do not know what happened; not really. Conspiracy theories abound, hypothesis are everywhere, media reports that went on in the early days told a different story every day, sometimes every hour. It isn’t transmitted human to human, it is transmitted between humans. Don’t wear masks, wear masks. Sunlight doesn’t affect it, sunlight kills it. It’s just like the cold or flu, it will kill you. We can guess, but the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) never said for sure what happened. They don’t have to:

They run the world now.

There was a conspiracy theory making the rounds that it was a preemptive strike against the world with an eye towards devaluing the dollar, destabilizing the economy so as to place their economy as the world leader. As it turned out, intentional or not, that is exactly what has happened. America is in ruins, as is England, Spain, France, Italy and Germany. Russia is at their side having brought back under its control those nations who left the USSR years before, pulling strings and making deals as is North Korea, who now controls South Korea. Japan is surviving somehow, whether they are making deals with China behind the scenes or not isn’t known. India is falling under China’s control while South America is being divided up and absorbed by one or the other of the Big Three (Russia, China and a unified Korea). No one cares about most of Africa so it has been left alone to become a nation controlled by local dictators who would make Idi Amin blush and Australia is being left to fend for itself. The Middle East is under Chinese control and has become a Communist Muslim region, if you can believe that. I can’t; it just doesn’t make sense. Arabs making money hand over fist while kowtowing to the Communist Party yet maintaining their Muslim beliefs? Boggles the mind.


The best guess at the time was that a scientist working for the CCP at their facility in Wuhan walked out of the level 4 lab they had there with it on them one day and went to the wet market. On purpose or not, accidental or not it really doesn’t matter nor do we know: the fact remains the same. COVID-19 was born then in that area and it spread like wildfire around the world, infecting half the world’s population, killing one out of every five it infected, and laying waste to those of us who were simply trying to go along with our everyday life, trying to survive our jobs, our stress, our joys. However it arrived, they took our lives from us at that time.

Four years. It just doesn’t seem possible that it began so innocently, so quietly. A report on social media from an ophthalmologist telling us about a SARS-like illness in his region of China followed by a few more reports of pneumonia and then a few more. By the end of January, it was spreading but still most of the world wasn’t worried; not really. The World Health Order (WHO) and the CDC both downplayed the virus as something we in the West didn’t need to worry about. Then it exploded in a strangely controlled manner across Europe, to America and beyond. No place was safe, except Antarctica. But did the WHO and CDC ever admit they were wrong? That they missed the call time and time again, saying nothing to worry about, don’t wear masks, never seeking out the truth behind the virus? Not once, never. But boy did they and the media ever jump all over the President when he tried to sequester China flights, halt all immigration and protect our country! Called him a racist, a fascist and any other kind of –ist you can think of; and when he was right? They neglected to mention that part, thank you very much.


Then came the deaths; a few at first, ones and twos. Mostly old people, people with health issues of some kind like heart ailments, diabetes, and cancer mostly. People who were in poor health seemed to be the most likely to get severe cases and die in the initial wave, primarily of pneumonia like symptoms. Funny thing was, while the rest of the world was getting it, China and Russia were healing fast. Like they had access to a vaccine the rest of the world didn’t. They said it was because of their draconian measures of house arrest, of their mandate of “social distancing” to the extreme but now we understand the truth of the matter. These two countries and North Korea got healthy quickly, and restarted their economy, putting people back to work faster than anyone else. Because of this, even more American industry transferred jobs overseas, choosing to make money for their investors over waiting to see if American workers would be able to go back to work and putting an even larger strain on America and its “friends”. China apologetically called in its markers that they held on our National Debt (about 40% of our debt) and that was enough to well and truly sink us; Wall Street tanked, recovered somewhat, and then fell even farther than at any time since the Great Depression. Makes sense I guess, we were in an even greater depression. Unemployment went from 4% to 10% in a week. Then 15% and 20% in two more weeks. From there, the sky was the limit, so to speak.

Eventually, there came the real accusations, things like this was a Chinese created, adapted, mutated whatever virus. That a biological weapon originating from China had been released upon the world. That it began in their own country as an experiment, on its own people. That it had been created by combining a coronavirus known to occur in nature but not in man and other, lesser known agents; things like blood clotting abilities to cause fatal heart attacks and strokes and would kill those on kidney dialysis quickly to mixing in HIV components which would make it impossible to get rid of, to ever heal from fully which effectively meant that if you didn’t get the Chinese vaccine, you would never get rid of it. We didn’t believe it, not at first but the warning was there to listen to if one desired, the information available if one knew where to dig deeply enough to uncover it. Thing was, the media wouldn’t tell us that part of it.


Of course, the fact that China hosted the 2019 World Military Games in mid to late October in, of all places, Wuhan was simply a coincidence, a meaningless fact which happened to take place in the exact moment in time that this “virus” was taking shape, being birthed, and in the exact location which just happened to be filled with people from over a hundred countries from around the world and, also by happenstance, at an event which contained the military from these countries. Just a coincidence, nothing to it; move along, nothing to see here. The military world comes to Wuhan, the location of a level IV biological study center which happens to study coronavirus and a coronavirus like no other breaks out immediately afterward, spreading across the world unchecked and killing millions, destroys the world economy and China steps in to pick up the pieces? Helluva coincidence.

Then came the next great conspiracy theory: that our own Democratic Party was in on it. I mean, I know they hated the current Republican President, had since before he won the office. They tried every way in the world to stop him from winning, and then after he won they tried to discredit him, ignore him, even impeach him but he just kept going, like he was either the human incarnation of the Energizer Bunny or herpes, one or the other. He just wouldn’t go away. And when their own candidate in the next election for President began to crumble around the edges long before he even made it to November, exhibiting behavior that more closely imitated dementia than being Presidential they grew desperate. They entered into talks with the Chinese and Russians (who they had earlier accused of helping the current President win the election) and plans were made. Again in theory, but it is no theory that the longer this pandemic went on the worse the President looked and the better their puppet candidate looked until approaching the election it was evident to all that the President would lose his reelection bid and the Democrat candidate would win.

Be careful what you ask for, American people, because you just might get it.

Well, America got what they wanted, a President so ineffectual that he was nothing more than a figurehead for the far Left Liberals, those who once were termed Anarchists a hundred years ago. Those who desired open borders, government cheese for all, free healthcare, free education for all, free this free that but the problem was, with no one working in our country, the constantly rising National Debt was being inflated at a rate that was unprecedented, doubling in a year and then doubling once more until poverty for all seemed a more apt description of what America was all about.


Anyway, the country continued to be locked down, hunkering in place. Unemployment skyrocketed, our jobs evaporated across the seas, depression set in both physically and mentally. People continued to get ill, not terribly but enough so that people died, the media sounded warning after warning, the Democrats decried the Republican stance, lockdowns continued and people were not allowed to move about freely, to go to work, socialize and it was then that the riots erupted. Once the promised continuing monetary assistance failed to appear for the millions who had counted on it, our social structure fell apart. The reality was, our modern day people were not suited to hard times like we were seeing. Basically, we had turned into a bunch of, well, pussies. Unable to care for ourselves, stand the thought of isolation, fend for ourselves and our neighbors. Very few had any skills which translated into life skills such as growing our own food, hunting and gathering, things like that. Those that did guarded their areas jealously and with vigor; if you came towards them, they protected their own in a harsh and violent manner. It had become so easy to text, snapchat, twitter each other from next door, to lose oneself in online games and binge watch shows that we forgot how to talk, to have conversations, to do little jobs with our hands that when the cell towers went dark due to no one keeping them up because of there being no people working at these jobs; when the food stopped appearing as if by magic in the grocery stores; when the houses went dark due to no electricity from the dams which failed from no workers and once the power lines stayed down after summer tornados and winter ice storms that most people fell completely apart. Society as we knew it was gone and most likely would never return in our lifetimes. And then, China stepped in and took over along with Russia and North Korea.

It was during this period that I lost my family. It wasn’t due to the virus, at least not directly; rather it was due to the lost economy, the rise in crime, and the hunger going on in America at the time. Some people broke into our home one night and shot us before I could shoot all of them. I did get three but there were more and I failed my family, I couldn’t protect them. My wife and son died, and I wish I had too. But, I didn’t; I have no idea why.


I recovered, but wished I hadn’t. After I was well enough to move about I decided I had to get away somewhere, anywhere. Up north, maybe, to some woods and privacy. Where I could live unmolested from anyone who felt the need to rob me of whatever they thought I had, which wasn’t much. The law had pretty much broken down by then, giving up on trying to protect anybody. Those who lived in really rural areas had the best chance of living a life free of violence. I decided that was the best thing I could do now, and if I died, so the hell what. Maybe I would become food for some bear and then bear shit. I felt like shit anyway so why not become actual shit?

I took what I desired of my remaining belongings, primarily things which would allow me to live as a hunter and traveled north until I found some land with enough open acreage that I could do whatever I wanted on it and moved. Who cared who owned it, squatter’s rights were in effect in the world now. Built a cabin by hand, and lived, existed really. I made it through the winter but in the spring I began to have second thoughts on this life. No one had bothered me, no one was within miles of where I lived but I had a desire to do something, something that might give what remained of my life meaning after losing what was the most important to me.

I became a hunter. Not only a hunter of animals to survive; a hunter of those I believed to be the reason for our loss of America, for the loss of my family.

Democrats. Specifically, those Far Left Leaning, Socialistic/Communistic Liberals who had held office when the shit hit the fan; those which had done everything in their power to ridicule, to make ineffectual the President of the united States at the time all because they hated and feared him; those still living in a form of luxury while the rest of the country scraped the bottom of the barrel for food. Those who profited the most when our country was at its worst, those who opened the door, who invited the Chinese into our homes, who gave away our jobs, who sold us into slavery without a thought beyond their greed for power once again, power achieved by any ill gotten means they could conceive of. Democrats who miraculously failed to get infected and sick and die like the rest of America, whether through divine intervention or conspiring with the enemy in order to survive and now lived a life no other America could ever hope to live.

I decided I would make them pay with what they valued most. Their lives.

Well, what did you think?

Obviously, I am not out hunting Democrats!! Just a character in a story, a fiction one at that. No one out there hunting those poor Democrats, those Left Leaning Liberals (hereafter to be known as Triple L’s). No, just my imagination running around unfettered once more, free to do whatever it desires!

I tell ya. I gotta get out more!!

Take care and stay safe everyone!!