The Greatest Dog - Evie Essay

Evie comes home

I have to admit, when Kelli first told me that she felt we needed a puppy, I was a bit skeptical. Mind you, I had nothing against dogs. In fact, I have always been an animal lover. The real issue was that I was not sure we had the time to give a dog the attention it deserves. Besides, I had always pictured myself with a big, manly sort of dog and Kelli wanted a nice lap dog.

Yet she caught me at the right time. It just so happened that a friend of ours had puppies that had just been weaned and needed good homes. They were dachshunds, admittedly not my first choice of breed. Still, Kelli convinced me to go have a look and I fell in love at first sight.

The Cutest Puppy

When the first puppy was brought out for us to see, it was a brown haired female. Honestly nothing like I had expected a Dachshund puppy to look like, although I knew she was mixed and that likely accounted for a lot. Still, she was the most adorable little puppy that I had ever seen. Her eyes were so full of life and her personality was outgoing and friendly. It was literally love at first sight.

Giving Her a Name

Since we brought the puppy home on Christmas Eve, I felt that the perfect name for our newest family member would be Evie. It somehow just seemed as though it fit. Besides, I wanted to give her a name that was at least somewhat original. I have to admit that Kelli was not that enthusiastic about the name, yet it stuck.

The First Year…

So now Evie has been a part of our household for a little more than a year and has provided more joy and affection than I could have ever hoped for. She has become a constant companion who greets me at the door when I arrive home, her tail wagging in anticipation. If I walk to the mailbox, Evie is walking right beside me. If I am working online, or watching television, Evie is laying right beside me. Unless, of course, she is laying right in my lap.

Evie even proved me wrong regarding my belief (fear) that all dachshunds were yappers. In fact, during the first three months that we had her, I had become convinced that she had no vocal chords. I mean to tell you, she never made a sound.

Well, rest assured, Evie’s vocal chords are just fine. It must have been about the fourth month when it happened. Evie had heard a sound outside and ran to the door, barking fiercely. If I had not known better, I would have thought there was a much bigger dog in my front room. This was no yap coming from her tiny frame, this was a much deeper sound. It was a bark, a rather loud bark. Evie had found her voice.

Luckily, she has never been the type of dog who barks just to hear herself bark. Whenever she does bark, I know that somebody is outside. Quite an efficient little watch dog, if I do say so myself. I have now grown used to a knock on the door being preceded by a bark.

My Best Friend

Dogs have long been known as man’s best friend and that is exactly what Evie has become to me. Whenever I return home, she is right there to greet me at the door, her tail wagging. When I settle down in my favorite chair to watch television, or do a little work online, Evie is always laying at my feet.

I have always been an animal lover,but I never realized that it was possible for a dog to steal my heart the way that Evie has. Her presence has made this house feel like a home. Nothing relaxes me quite the way the sound of her tiny feet upon the hardwood floor can. I only hope she is aware how much joy she has brought into my life.