How Would You Deal With Difficult People Essay

The question is directed towards me – how would ‘you’…

I have different styles of dealing with different kinds of ‘difficult’ people. However, I would be taking the stance of a ‘difficult’ person with whom you need to interact day in and day out – say your spouse, colleague or boss.

First of all, I look at it like this – nothing is too difficult in this world (for whom – really matters). You need to look at the person as an ‘alter-ego’ or yourself in another situation – or to better put it, put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Just ask the question – “Given the same situation, same circumstances, same people around, would I behave the same way?”

If your answer is “NO”, then you need to understand that the other person is not really ‘difficult’, but too immature compared to you and the person really needs your help. If again, the answer is “YES”, the same response applies – the person needs your help and you could think further from within those shoes and help the person take the next step.

Secondly, love has all the power (after all, who is the source of it?). When you deal with a person, it is always impossible to strike the right balance without love. And the one strange thing about love is that “it relates to not what you receive, but what you give.”

Do not expect love, but expect yourself to love. In other words, do not expect love to flow towards you, but expect that love to originate from within your heart. Those streams of love can heal the most deepest of wounds and the worst of relationships. And I tell you a ‘difficult’ person is really a ‘hurt’ person who needs that healing.

Let me conclude with more clarity. God is love. When He controls your character, you wouldn’t find a person to be ‘difficult’, because nothing shall be difficult unto God. Love God! Love thy neighbour! Let the mind of Christ be formed in you.