The Colors of Architecture Essay

In the world of architecture, the creative minds and hands are able to come alive. Thrusting different types of building materials onto a blank canvas, as if they are brush strokes with endless paint, is somewhat of a magical possibility. Yet, for an architect, it is a reality.

The Architect’s Paint Brush and Palette

The blueprints of an architects vision are just the beginning. The coming to realize the completion of the art in real life is the moment of truth that leaves everyone in bewilderment until the finished product is revealed.

The architects ‘paintbrush’ though, is one of many “colors”: Steel, wood, aluminum, and even plastic.

But there is one resource, one “color” that goes overlooked, and underestimated: Concrete.

This versatile tool has taken the world of architecture by subtle storm. Concrete is a diamond in the rough, therefore only having value to most after it’s been under pressure, and shined to perfection.

Concrete first shows it’s value in the fact that it is the most used man-made material in the world! It’s adaptable uses have given many countries functionality, such as roads, driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks. But even more fascinating is the fact that concrete has given us amazing architecture to explore, such as the international Art Centre, Nottingham Contemporary in the U.K. (highlighting lace in precast concrete) or the Church of the Light in Ibaraki, Japan.

Even from the times of the Romans, Concrete has been the color of the architects brush stroke for centuries onward. Using volcanic ash and a hydraulic-setting cement, Romans use of concrete made for it to be known as the most durable type of cement used. Not only that, but it also caused great architectural designs to still grace us today. For example, the Pantheon in Rome, Italy is one of the most solid concrete marvels of all time! Especially being that it is the largest un-reinforced concrete dome in the world! As of today, modern day architects are looking into some of the widespread benefits of using concrete, (like cost efficiency and minimized environmental footprint), architects today can learn of the best and most stunning techniques to execute their designs!

A Wondrous Material

The wonders of this underestimated material, as well as the impact of concrete on architecture today, deserves the exploration of any modern day architect, and others alike. The unexpected concepts, and trendy quirks that concrete can feature is nothing short of amazing. Highlighting the dramatic and bold or innovative and original architectural creations is easily accomplished through the use of concrete. And for those whose style is more cool and calm, or lean more towards tropical modernism… well, there’s something here for you too.
There are several ways that the use of this flexible, innovative resource can execute all of the above mentioned visions. What is more amazing, is that the use of concrete will enhance any architects to execute seemingly impossible designs, and with an eye-catching, original result.

Let the world of concrete come to life in your Architectural design, and the road to possibilities will be endless!