Supernatural Pursuit Essay

Patrick and Mara’s Pursuit

Two hours ago their life had been idyllic. It’s funny how life can change in a split second. Their gryph had delivered a note from Mara’s home. On the note was one word, “Flee”. She and Patrick had gathered together a few essentials and bundled up daughter Rhianna. Ten minutes later they were driving north on Highway 35 following a predetermined route set up with Mara’s kin in case such an emergency should happen. “They must not capture her, Patrick. It would mean the end.”

Mara became silent again twisting the wedding band on her left hand. Patrick focused on their destination, willing himself to think of nothing else. Bright lights from behind illuminated the windshield. The glaring light made it difficult to see what lay ahead. Rain falling in sheets worsened an already bad situation.

“Mara, I think they’ve found us”, stammered an ashen-faced Patrick. Mara turned, “They can’t have. Oh, we were so careful.”

Focusing again on what needed to be done, Patrick accelerated the sedan. An incline in the highway shifted the focus of the pursuers’ headlights and allowed him a clear view. A steep valley appeared to their right.

“Get Rhianna out of her car seat now”, barked Patrick.

Mara fumbled momentarily with the locking mechanism. Lights again illuminated the interior of the car and the panic in her eyes was evident.

“I’ve got her”, Mara screamed. Rhianna wailed instinctively as she was yanked from the seat.

On the windshield, passenger side, were two strange crystals – one red, the other green. Patrick nodded and Mara pressed the green crystal. The highway and sharp drop to the right disappeared as a foreign view became visible through the windshield. Mara repeatedly pressed the green crystal, a different scene appearing each time. The lights behind them indicated the pursuers were closing the gap. Three figures appeared in the windshield and Mara removed her hand from the crystal. Patrick and Mara unbuckled themselves. Patrick turned the sedan sharply to the right. Holding tightly to her child Mara and then Patrick who tapped the red crystal sharply, pushed off the seat into the windshield which, like water when pierced by a stone, rippled and then was still. The sedan continued its rapid descent, Icrashed and then exploded on the valley floor.