How to Go Sustainable at a Workplace – Swap Till You Drop!

Learning how to be sustainable at a workplace can be a challenge. Some people are great at minimizing their carbon footprint, while others are not so good at it. When you want to know how to be sustainable, you have to be aware of where your company is currently at and what it needs to do to improve its sustainability efforts. Here are some tips on how to start.

You should get feedback from your employees about their carbon footprint. Employees, when asked, will have a hard time avoiding this number. But if you ask them to stand in front of a carbon footprint chart during the interviews, they will be shocked. They will see that their average CO2 emissions per day are much higher than the national average. This may come as a surprise, but it is a fact.

The next step is to evaluate your company’s carbon footprint. Start with the numbers of cars you drive each year. Then measure the emissions caused by your vehicles, office buildings, and factories. A more comprehensive carbon measurement should include all sources of energy utilized by your company. Your company should also examine where your waste is going.

In addition, assess your employees’ awareness of their carbon footprint in terms of their own actions. How many employees walk or bike to work? How many employees use public transportation to get to and from their homes? Do your businesses have programs for employee purchasing of green products or using energy efficient appliances?

Another key area of your business that affects the environment is the packaging your business uses to ship its products. Most business today takes the easy route and shipping their products via UPS or FedEx. But if you look into it closely, you’ll see that these shipments are actually creating more pollution than the items are worth. UPS and FedEx package your items in huge trucks that create more greenhouse gas than your business needs to operate. This is why many businesses are encouraging their employees to drive less and to use public transportation to get to work.

In order to be sustainable at a workplace, you need to take further actions to reduce your overall impact on the planet. You can begin by refraining from throwing your trash in your trashcan. This not only helps keep landfill loads down, but it helps keep your community clean and safe. Consider taking public transit to get to and from work, or find other ways to commute without adding unnecessary stress to your daily schedule.

Another key strategy for being sustainable at a workplace is to encourage your employees to get involved in their own conservation efforts. It’s amazing how an employee’s willingness to get busy and engage others can make a big difference. If your employees recycle paper every month or take part in tree clean-up camps, you’ll soon notice a positive difference in your company’s green initiatives. Give your employees’ incentive to go out, and collect canned goods rather than stuffing garbage cans. Make it clear that you want your business to be a leader in the environmental fight and start incorporating these types of changes into your business today!

By showing your employees that you value the planet, your business will find that it becomes more sustainable at a workplace. Your employees will love you for this and will work harder for you, while contributing to the overall health of the planet. When you think of a sustainable workplace, think of a business that has an emphasis on employee involvement, recycling, active outdoor recreation, and a focus on the planet. Not all companies are successful in doing this, but those that are can feel confident that they’re headed in the right direction.