Darok: More Observations Essa

Humans, humans, what have you done? What is your concept of ownership? You think you own the sky, the land, the sea, everywhere I observe you are there? Every creature on this planet is being affected on this planet by your activities!! You think the planet and everything on it belongs to you! Ownership is a delusion, it is something you humans have created to order your society. In the great scheme of things, on a universal level, none of this matters!

If your people ever survive as we have, to understand all things in the creator’s universe, you will realise, all things you strive for, in a materialistic sense, does not matter. What really matters is happiness, how many of you humans are happy, in society as it is today? I would bet not many, you race around for your pay, only for it be taken away from you in what you call bills, to pay greedy companies. You slave to provide for your family, for what you call work. How many of you humans, ultimately, see any fruit for your labours? Not many of you, unless you have enough paper and plastic to enjoy your life. You are all slaves, to what you call work, you are like a hamster (one of your pets I believe) on a wheel, round and round, and for what? Your governments are highering the retirement age, so when do most of you get to enjoy your retirement? You, humans, are all slaves to materialism. Your adverts, magazines, social media, etc, tell you how to dress, what to drive, what products you need to smell better, where to live, and you all spend your time trying to ape these delusional images. No wonder you are all suffering from stress and mental illness. You have mental health treatments, and when you are better or when you can cope, you are put back on that wheel, so where is the gain in that?

It is not only your species that are affected, other species on your planet and the environments they live in, you humans are poison!!! You wish to come to our world and colonise it, terraform it even. This will not happen, there may not be many of us left, but we would rather die than let you ruin, the underground world we have created, for us, and, other species to enjoy. We have learnt to let go and just be, let things be as they were meant to be, we now live sustainably and more spiritually.

As I have said in past communications, we were like you once, but, we turned a corner. Today, there less of us, but we see life as it was intended from the beginning.

My question to you humans, is this, will you change, before it is too late?