Coworking for More Working

Coworking spaces is the new-age phenomenon revolutionizing office culture. There was a time when you could usually find entrepreneurs toiling away in their home to build their business from the scratch. This was largely because the options for leasing office spaces was quite limited. Investor or client meetings became that much harder.

Coworking spaces have successfully bridged the gap. This trend gained popularity amongst budding entrepreneurs as it gave them the flexibility to pay and use exactly what they needed. Today however, its grown to be much more with larger enterprises choosing to opt for this alternate option as well. Even the concept of coworking has evolved over time. It started as a way to budget smartly, today it is a platform to network, collaborate and innovate. These new-age offices provide access to basic amenities like office furniture, ambience, WiFi and the latest technology, its not limited to this though. Here are a few tips to make the most of your coworking space.


Flexibility is one of the greatest advantages offered by coworking spaces. You can pick and choose customized options that are tailored to your business requirements and pay for exactly that. OneCulture offers office solutions for teams of every size. You also have the option of booking meeting rooms/ conference rooms for both short as well as long term needs.

For the Tech

Access to new age tech and modern interiors became a reality with coworking. Thanks to this alternative, one does not have to balk at the idea of emptying your coffers and getting stuck with long term resources. OneCulture offers vibrant and state-of-the-art workstations with lightning fast Wifi so our members have the best shot to get to the top.

Location! Location! Location!

Prime localities office spaces are often beyond the reach of enterprises on a budget. Coworking spaces offers them an affordable option. Members of OneCulture get unique access to our facilities at Eros City Square and Golf course road, all on one platform which can be used at their convenience. These bustling locations will further give you access to untapped potential markets.

Not Just an Office, It’s a Community

The coworking trend revolves around the mantra “exchange competition for collaboration”. It is an ideal space for networking and to scale. Hang out at our breakout zones and discover peers working in fields that complements your business and help you raise your visibility. Gain insights, discover and explore exciting avenues for business growth at OneCulture. If you know how to use it well, coworking spaces offer you one of the best shuttles to professional success. It not only gives you a unique business perspective but can also give you every resource you would need along the way, tailor-made for you. It is a chance to work right, well, make friends and help your network grow.