Classic Star Trek Episodes : It's rock Jim, but not as we know it Essay

To celebrate the premier of Star Trek: Into Darkness there will be screenings of some of classic Star Trek episodes. It is set to be one of the biggest occasions for Trek fans around the world. The first season of Star Trek: Enterprise featured many beloved characters and was very successful. However, many fans are anxious to see what will be in store for the second season.

A few weeks ago we reported that producers have confirmed that they will be releasing four classic Star Trek episodes. We have seen some leaks on the classic episodes already and one of them involves an entirely different crew on the USS Enterprise. This is an exciting development. I doubt though that fans will be clamoring for such a revelation. The classic characters like the Captain, Ambassador Sarek, and Counselor Deji should not change. The story line should remain about their adventures.

There are rumors however, that a couple of classic Trek series episodes may get released as bonus features on the DVD of Star Trek Into Darkness. This is very possible, since the producers are already planning for the next two installments. They are taking care that not too much will be spoilt for the new movies. So, if fans are happy with the first film, they can look forward to new adventures in future episodes.

The classic series has been a part of science fiction history since its inception. The United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire are at war. The fate of the Federation and the Klingon Empire rests on the outcome of these conflicts.

Thrilling Classic Star Trek Episodes – Watch All of Them

The new movies in the Star Trek series will feature classic themes and settings. However, the writers have worked hard to add twists and turns to the plots so that the fan-base will continue to watch the series. The classic characters like Kirk and Spock still work for the good in the movies. The Federation and the Klingon Empire still have their battles to wage against each other.

The classic stories are set to continue for the next few installments. Fans of these episodes can even look forward to an additional featurette called “Deep Space Nine” that will be included in the box set of the new movies. This is a story about a planet called Boraak that is seen in the previous episodes of the series. It is not yet confirmed whether this planet will be seen again in future episodes or not.

Another part of Trek, which is set to make waves in the fan base is the movie spin-off of the series called Star Trek: Discovery. The character of Sarek is the primary role in the show. He is a humanoid being from the Boraak system who is a first class traveler. He has a strong bond with his ship, the USS Discovery.

The stories told in these episodes are some of the best that have ever been aired on television. Fans will surely be happy to know that they will never have to wait for the next episode. They can watch it whenever they want to. Watching classic Star Trek episodes will always be a pleasure for fans.

Apart from that, fans of the show will also find it interesting to see the members of the cast in the movies. Michael Giacchino’s music for the movie’s scores perfectly to the tune. He creates wonderful music to accompany the movies. His work in the movies will thrill Trek fans all over the world.

In the future, other movies may also take up the subject of Star Trek. The possibilities are limitless. There is a strong possibility that we will witness a spin-off of the popular TV series very soon. Till then, we will just have to enjoy the classic episodes of Star Trek.

Fans of the classic TV series of Star Trek can be assured that they will never lose their interest in the show. Even after watching few episodes of the next installment, they will still be hooked. It is because of the characters created by director J.J. Abrams. They have created characters that the old fans as well as the new fans will be attracted to. They will remain forever busy loving and following Star Trek episodes.