Brother Essay

Brother – full song

I don’t have to tell him about my pain
Which is grey and dark just like rain.
He can recognize it in my eyes
Like l already told him about it twice.

He would listen to me for hours
For me he would burn towers.
Only knowing that he is here
I’m getting strong, l have no fear.

But dear brother, did you know
That l fell in river so low?
Do you know how many times l cried?
And l didn’t fix myself, but l tried.

So here you are, standing so strong
Now l know where l belong.
You thought me how to be brave
Oh brother, I will follow you to grave.

What should l say to you?
When every hope of mine flew
You stood near me straight
And you’ve changed my fate.

Will l ever be able to do anything
Instead of writing this song to sing?
I can say that l love you dear
Just please, stay with me, near.

Only you know how to cure my wounds
And l know it’s not easy as it sounds.
I’ll always be for you here, there
Brother, you’re my best friend, and l care.