Book Review: Crime and Catnip by T.C. LoTempio Essay

When a series comes to an end, you hope that everything wraps up to a positive conclusion and T.C. LoTempio leaves this series on a high note.

It’s the week before Halloween and Nora Charles has picked up a fast catering job for a gala at the Cruz Museum, where the grimoire of Morgan le Fay is the main attraction. With regards to the grimoire, the event planners, Nandalea Wbb and Violet Crenshaw decide to have a costume ball and Nora comes up with a King Arthur menu.

While the grimoire was on display in London and the attempt of a theft, the museum decides to hire extra security and Nora isn’t happy when she discovers Leroy Samms will be there working undercover, along with her quasi boyfriend, FBI agent, Daniel Corleone.

Violet wants to see Nora and she goes to the museum where she’s asked if she can help locate her niece, Alexa Martin. She tells Nora that she had hired Nick Atkins to look for her, but with the disappearance of Nick, she still wants to know where Alexa’s status, even though she believes that she may be dead.

On the night of the gala, Nora stumbles upon the body of Daisy Martinelli and from that moment on she’s faced with yet another murder investigation.

But, throughout the story, Oliver (Nick’s former partner) receives postcards from him which don’t make sense, yet proves that Nick is still alive, but they can’t figure out exactly why he disappeared, which in the end still doesn’t give any clue.

If there had been a fourth installment maybe his disappearance would have been resolved, so you would have to reach your own conclusion as to what his fate in the series is.

Since the series pretty much ends on a high note (I didn’t find any editorial errors! except for the fact that once Halloween is mentioned, it’s never brought up again) you would have to follow the series due to the events.

The series itself was entertaining, but as I said in my previous reviews, the only bad to come of it were the editorial errors.

If you’re able to look beyond those, then you’ll be enchanted with this series.