How to Title a Paper Correctly

A proper headline for a paper is what your target audience pays attention to first when viewing your essay. A boring title will not attract the attention of your target audience. Therefore, you should take responsibility to prepare creative titles for essays.

But many students have problems when they need to select interesting titles for essays. Here, the first tip is using brainstorming. During the brainstorming process, repeat to yourself that the desire “I really want to read the entire essay” should appear. A catchy title for an essay should help your target audience to understand what the essay is about.

Another useful tip on how to title a paper correctly is creating a hook. We agree that most headlines possess the same basic structure. But a hook is what exactly attracts the attention of your audience. Come up with a catchy phrase. On the examples of best essay titles, we can see that all of them have hooks.

Purpose and Importance of Essay Title

As you may guess, headlines for your essays play a really important role. They have great importance on the quality of your entire paper. The purpose of your essay titles is to intrigue your target audience. Good titles for essays should make your readers want to read the entire paper as fast as possible. For this reason, the words you utilize and how you come up with a headline for a paper are essential to the success of the entire paper.

Components of Essay Title

Before starting to come up with good essay titles, you should know the components of any essay title. 

  • We have already mentioned a catchy hook. This is one of the central components of a good title for a paper. It will help to represent a paper in a creative way.
  • Another important component of titles for paper is using theme keywords. The “what” keyword is the most suitable variant. This component will assist to recognize concepts you are planning to explore.
  • The last but not the least component is using focus keywords. The “where/when” keywords are the best fit. Together with theme keywords, focus keywords are necessary for your title. They will help to provide more information making your title more professional.

Though these components are not obligatory, still they can lead to the successful creation of great essay titles.  

Rules of Creating Interesting Headlines

If you wonder how to make a title for an essay, we want to please you. Now it is time to define the main rules of creating catchy titles for essays.

  • First, write your essay. Only after that create a title. Many students consider it logical to write a title first and, after that, begin writing the essay. But you will be surprised by what results you will get if you do the opposite. Professional writers under no circumstances begin with the headline. Of course, you can create a draft of your title. It will help to focus on your essay and develop an argument. But after you write the entire essay, you can rethink the draft of your title and improve it.

Moreover, if you leave the writing of your title for the end, it will help to save your time. Many students spend much time in order to understand how to come up with a headline for a paper. But when you know the content of your essay, you will create a creative title for the essay faster.

  • You can utilize popular phrases and cliches. Remember to rework them. Adapt popular catchphrases to the themes of your essays in order to create powerful college essay titles.
  • You can view essay titles examples online. This tip is similar to using popular phrases. Do not take the whole example. You should rework it and make your title unique.

If you still have problems with creating a title for an essay, you can trust online writing help. The writers will create college essays titles instead of you.

How to Create Essay Headlines

Apart from some rules of creating interesting titles, we have prepared several ideas on how to compose a good headline for a paper.

  • Take into consideration the style of your essay. Define whether you write an academic essay or a narrative essay. If the topic of your paper is serious, your title must not be humorous. If you write a free-form essay on a funny topic, your title should be funny as well. Determination of the tone of a paper is the key to success. The tone of a paper can be serious, funny, amiable, informative, or persuasive.
  • Make titles for essays short and easy. Simply speaking, the essay title is the name of your paper. You do not need to tell an entire story in your headline. Moreover, there is no necessity to add useless details. Sum up a paper in a few words. Moreover, this is where your thesis statement can assist you as it represents the main idea of your paper. Take your thesis statement and compress it into several words. Short titles for essays will attract the attention of a target audience for sure.
  • You can involve search engine optimization. While you work on your headline, detect the words related to the main idea of the essay. Then type these words into the search field of Google. Do not forget to add the word “quote.” After that search engine will provide you with many web pages that contain in-text quotations. Choose useful quotations for you.

If you do not possess enough time on sorting out how to compose a good essay title, you can ask professional writers to assist you. They will for sure pick up interesting title ideas for essays.

Mistakes to Avoid

If you want your title for an essay, please, teachers or readers, avoid the following mistakes while creating headlines.

  • Shun negative topics, sensitive questions, and unethical themes.
  • Shun making public your negative past. Remember that your negative past pertains to you as a learner. But it does not pertain to your essays. 
  • Do not put the wrong matters. If you do not put the right matters that refer to your field of study, you can select the wrong theme.
  • Do not be too personal. This tip is similar to the previous one concerning your negative past. Do not expose your bad past in your essays. Do not include your own life in your essays.
  • Take into consideration the requirements of your teacher. If you do not understand the requirements of your professor completely, do not be shy; come to your teacher and tell him/her to provide an explanation.

Shun these mistakes if you desire to compose only powerful titles for a paper.

Essay Title Examples

Below are several examples of titles you can use for inspiration. They will help to sort out how to title a college essay.

  • The Significance of Family Ties.
  • Euthanasia is Unethical.
  • Atheism as the Most Adequate Religion.
  • Do not Judge Workers by their Tattoos.
  • Benefits from Using Video Games in the Learning Process.

Moreover, you can view numerous examples of creative titles on the Internet. The main condition is to rework them.

Hints on How to Title a Paper

To finish this useful article, let’s look at the final hints on how to title a paper.

  • If you begin your title with “What”, “Who”, “When”, “How”, “Why”, and “Where” questions, your title has more probabilities of getting noticed.
  • Create an unexpected image that does not refer to the chosen theme.
  • Come up with a hook that will increase the probability of a title being able to catch an eye.

Title-writing is the most important process of the whole essay preparation. Use your imagination, examples from the Internet, as well as this article in order to create powerful titles for your essays.

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