How to Save Money Using Discount Coupons Groupon Online

Save Money by Using Groupon Online

Google Offers gives you printable discount coupons in your local area stores. Millions of people are using these in many stores all over the country. I show you how to get them and save money.

How to Access Google Offers

You can access these money saving offers by signing up for the daily email from Google.

Or by adding the application to your Homepage

  1. If you want to try this it is very easy and free. Click on the link below.
  2. Then click on the big blue button to the right that says, “Get Google Offers on your Google homepage”
  3. The application is automatically added to your homepage
  4. It took approximately 4 seconds on my laptop.
  5. You are then asked to type in the default area in the US where you want the store and other business coupons to apply to.
  6. There is a menu of instant offers on show.

I used New York as my location and instantly received 32 coupon offers in a drop down menu. There is also a Google Search box in front of you where you can type in a specific type of business that you wish to see if there are any coupons available for.

Get Offers by Email

Once you Sign up you receive an email every day. There will be deals for stores and businesses in your area. You can also change the area for money saving ideas if you plan visiting somewhere else. You can then get these coupons online. This is a win win situation for both customer and business.

How To Use Groupon To Save Money

Profitable Business

Google decided they wanted in on this new online profitable business. Rather than start their own they did their research and found the best online coupons website out there. Google offered Groupon $6 billion but this offer was declined by them.

Other sites like Living Social are also offering daily deal store and business coupons. Maybe there will be enough customers out there to keep all these new coupon sites running at a fantastic profit. Google seems to think the potential is there. Groupon is reported to have over 20 million subscribers to their online store and coupon business.

Store Discount Coupons

Google do have a limited coupon business already running. This was launched in 2006 with the Google Maps Application. Small businesses could attach themselves to Google Maps and offer discount coupons to those interested in their products.

Now they are going all out to get a foothold in this market that and other store coupon sites have highlighted. With the economic situation as bad as it is all over the world it makes sense to save money when you can.

If you want to see what store and other business coupons are available in your area you can add the Google Offers Application to your Google Homepage. Then you too can get the benefit of saving money every time you buy an item or use a service.

The internet has made it so much easier for frugal people to save money with coupons. There is no need to cut out coupons from your newspaper or magazines anymore. If you download the Google Offers App you can get offers every day on your Android or iPhone. This is a quick and easy way to ease the burden on your daily spending.

Every penny or cent saved does make a difference to your weekly shopping bills. By searching for discount coupons in restaurants and theaters you can have a good night out on a budget too. Before you go to the gas or petrol station to fill up your car check for money off offers.

Reduce Your Shopping Bills

Keep a small amount of cash aside for offers in the supermarket or store. If you see a two for one or half price offer on an item you would normally buy then get it then. You may not need the item just yet but it makes sense to buy it now. I also use the freezer to great effect when fresh meat is on offer.

Once it is frozen immediately when you get home the meat is always as fresh as the day you bought it when you take it out to cook. Cleaning products are always very expensive. But where I live the shops have special offers now and again. It is well worth buying these when they are cheaper.