Essay About Learning a Language Without Spending Money

Fastest and easiest way to learn a new language in just 7 simple steps!

  1. Set goals: The first and the main step for learning a new language is to set the language learning goals. In this way you can measure your progress that whether you have achieved your goal or not.
  • Set short term goals:Long term goals are immense and they cannot motivate you on daily basis but short term goals will motivate you on daily basis.Example:I will learn 50 new words of German this week. This type of goals will be easy to achieve and you will know your progress.
  • Always write down your goals: Writing your goals will help you commit to them. You can paste your goals on a mirror or a fridge. This will help you to remind your goals and to be steadfast to them.

2. Learn the alphabets first: I have heard by many of the people that you should start with 1000 or 2000 common words but what I think is that you should always start off with learning the alphabets in this way you can know the pronunciation and phonics that will definitely help you later.

3. Learn the language right: In many of the language learning apps and in school they just start off with random words like apple, dog,chair which is not gonna be helpful in my daily conversation. You should always start learning a language with the right words. Just type in any browser 1000 common words of German (for instance) and just start learning them on daily basis and work on your pronunciation by listening to the word and you can also record in your voice and can listen it in your daily routine. By this way you will increase your information very quickly and will not waste you time.

4. Studying techniques: When learning a new language you also need some tricks and techniques.

  • Flashcards: The best way to learn vocabulary is flashcard.You should try flashcard apps because you don not need to waste your time on making those 1000 flashcards by our own.
  • You should learn the meaning first then learn the word itself: By doing this the process will become much easier .
  • You should guess the meaning first then flip the flashcard to see: This is the effective way to learn from flashcards even if you do not know the meaning just try to make it.
  • Use the words: How to use new words? Just use it in your native language for e.g: I want araba. Araba means car in Turkish. Try to use words like this.

5. Learn verbs and how to connect a sentence: After learning vocab your next step is to learn verbs and grammar and try to connect the sentence. Learn the sentence structure. Not all languages have same sentence structure but most of the languages have same structure like English and it is Subject-verb-object but likewise Turkish have sentence structure subject-object-verb.

6. Practice: Practice makes you perfect, right? So just practice as much as you can

7. Use language in daily life: Now the last step to your success is to use the language in your daily life.

  • Listen to music,watch series or shows: Who do not like music and series just start watching tv shows and series in that language that will help you a lot in learning new vocab and will expose you to that language.Other thing you can do is that listen to music and podcasts. You can also watch videos or vlogs on youtube in that language.
  • Talk to native language speakers: You should also make native language friends who can help you out with that language. Speak to them this will help you a lot.