Honest Opinion on Paid Surveys Essay

Paid surveys are just that, websites that give surveys from companies and such to their members so the companies can get intel. When you have answered a survey you will be rewarded with points that can be later redeemed into gift cards and cash.

Is it Worth Your Time

If you are thinking you will receive a few dollars for just a few minutes or even a hundred dollars in a week, you are wrong. The websites I have used were dreadful, I would carefully take my time with the surveys but In the end I will only receIve a few points that equal to a few cents. Sometimes after completing a survey they would say you are not qualified for this survey and such so you can’t get the points you earned. After a while you will get tired of doing the surveys because you can barely reach 2 dollars or even 1 in a day.

Would I Recommend it?

If you are thinking paid surveys will give you a good income I suggest you get a real job. But, if you are in quarantine it would be a good idea to earn a little cash on the side especially, if you are unemployed but you should still be looking for jobs that can actually support you. Teens who can’t get a real job yet can also do surveys too since they also need money and I highly recommend it to teens but make sure you are using good sites. In general, if you are a teen this is good for you but if you are an adult this can just be spare money.