Here Are the Best Careers for the 2020s and Most Likely Beyond

Depending on which source you listen to or read from, there are many positive and negative predictions concerning employment in the 2020s and the preceding decades.

Many of these predictions involve how technology will affect the global workforce, while others go over things like the future of the climate and evolving geopolitics.

I’m not one to claim to make predictions because I’m wise enough to know that predictions most often fail to pan out.

However, I do consider such predictions and keep them in mind as local, national, and international events unfold.

As a freelancer, I am always aware of even the slightest shifts in my industry, whether those shifts be favorable or unfavorable.

But for those who aren’t freelancers and have chosen an institutional career path, it’s even more critical that they stay on top of trends affecting their industry.

For example, if someone working for an accounting firm notices a trend leaning heavily towards increased automation of functions customarily handled by humans, it’s prudent for that individual to begin researching what sort of additional education or training they should pursue to safeguard their position as an accountant.

This article covers what industry pundits predict will be the best career choices or educational upgrades for the 2020s and beyond.

Medical and Mental Health-Related Careers Will Increase

Nearly anyone who is a leader in the medical and mental health industry will say that, out of all the sectors, health and wellness will continue to be a breadwinner.

In addition to that, this sector will also be a considerable source of revenue for the high-tech industry, in particular, the ever-growing “med-tech” field.

Since the health and wellness market will most likely continue on an upward trajectory, one could reasonably predict that the tech industry will continue to prosper alongside it.

This coequality between the two will also guarantee a promising future for those educated, trained, or otherwise invested in either one or both sectors – we’re talking about a very long term haven for a significant number of people from many walks of life and demographics.

Up and Coming Health and Wellness Careers Worth Taking Up

Just as in any industry, there are specific fields that yield more promise for the long-term future than others. One of those industries is the specialist behavioural health services.

This is because, like any industry, the health and wellness sector is directly affected by advances in medical technology.

For example, 3D technology is already threatening to replace the necessity of conducting human tissue transplants.

Organovo, a California-based research company has already successfully printed human liver tissue to test the toxicity of certain drugs in different areas of the liver.

The company admits that 3D printing technology is still far off from actually printing human tissue that can be used for transplantation purposes, but it also says it will become a reality eventually.

Below are a few up and coming health and wellness careers that will need to be filled in the coming years.

Psychiatric Nursing

Psychiatric nursing is becoming more and more popular as researchers are returning to the ancient philosophy that community health nursing practices help the mentally ill far better than mere housing and drugging them.

And though psychiatry and psychiatric nursing have been around for thousands of years, it’s making a big comeback as of recent.

There are plenty of online college courses offering a master of mental health nursing degrees to medical nurses.

Adult-gerontology nurse practitioner

One major factor that will shape the medical industry overall is the Baby Boomer generation reaching a period where more mature adults will be needed specialized care.

Even now, this is leading to a growing need for Adult-Gerontology nurses within the adult care sector.

The duty of an adult-gerontology nurse is to provide continuous and comprehensive healthcare for ageing adults throughout the rest of their lifespan.

According to the United States News and World Report’s Best Healthcare Jobs, a career as an adult-gerontology nurse practitioner is ranked number three out of 100 other careers as far as stability is concerned.

In addition to that, unemployment for these medical practitioners is lower than seven per cent.

As 2020 fast approaches, it’s estimated that a growing number of assisted living facilities, outpatient care centres, long-term care facilities, and physician offices will be looking to hire more adult-gerontology nurses.

In order for one to find employment in this field, they should pursue a Masters degree as a Nurse Practitioner Adult-Gerontology.

Subsequently, the appropriate certification and licensure are required before filling the position, with regulations depending on the location of employment.