Essay About Unexpected Concepts

Concrete has had an underrated life due to misconceptions that it is a one dimensional, dreary colored bore. Fortunately, if that seems to be the case, it is only because of the architects lack of creativity, or their clients insistence on a standard blanket of color. Because truly, concrete has an endless amount of canvas space for ingenuity.

Let’s embark on the possibilities of concrete to blow your mind. Starting with the concepts from the Romans. History may bore the average person, but taking a look at one of the most dynamic pieces of architecture, we’ll look at the before-mentioned Pantheon in Rome, Italy.

This concrete wonder was made with tons of concrete, with a brick overlay. The interior dome, (pictured below) was completely made of concrete, although with differing ingredients to allow for a variance in weight.

Now that we’ve had a history lesson in the Roman architecture, we’ll take a journey into how this unexpected concept has influence modern day architects today.

Concrete has several versatile outputs depending on the architects creativity, or that of their clients. Try taking a look into some of the samples below of unexpected, and ingenious concepts of today.

Tubs like these can be customized to the size and fit of the person designing it. The rustic appearance is a great contrast for this particular home, and is just an indication of the concrete’s ability to create an eye-catching piece in any decor.Advantages to tubs made with concrete allow for water to stay warmer longer. In addition, concrete, although appearing rough at times, has a stellar reputation for smoothness and gentleness on the inside of the tub. Pictured below is a more crisp representation of the polished interior, yet shining thorough to the exterior.

Concrete can be highlighted well in the right setting!

Concrete can also lend itself well to other unique customization in decor. For example, the following picture is of a concrete sink in the shape of a marine animal called an ammonite.

This design of concrete is the epitome of unexpected concepts and designs. The natural dissention around in a spherical manner, combined with gravity, causes this to almost teeter on scientific. Either way, this is one intricate design of concrete!

This last example of concrete amazingness is not too often seen in everyday life. Being that unique uses of concrete isn’t in the average person’s everyday conversation, we can understand how gems like these can be overlooked.But take a look at one example of how concrete was taken to another level.

Notice anything special about this picture?

In architecture, this is another level of revolutionary. This is translucent concrete! The shadows of trees that you see on that wall are truly silhouettes of what stands behind it!

This concept was brought about through adding a small percentage of light conducting ingredients, like optical fibers, and adding them to the mix during the casting process. Leaving you with the kind of bold and cinematic architecture, like the office picture below.

These are just a few examples of why individuals with vision and creativity will call on concrete installers to make it happen!